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Home Luxuries on a Budget Posted by Denise Fraguela Real Estate

We all would love to have the homes we see in magazines and all over online design and idea sites. However, many of us just can’t justify spending the kind of money having those kinds of homes would take. There are still simple, inexpensive ways to add luxuries to your home. Here are five home luxuries you can add on a budget: Easily programmable or “smart” thermostats. The energy you use to heat and/or cool your home is probably a large part of your household budget, and your comfort plays a large part of the feeling of luxury in your home. Programmable or smart thermostats can raise and lower the temperature based on your activities, ultimately saving on energy costs. There are a number of options out there, and most of them retail for less than $350. Crown molding or baseboards. Crown molding can be used to add detail to the ceiling, while chair molding can be added to protect and divide wall space. Decorative molding is an affordable way to add luxury and design to your home. Updated light fixtures and lighting. Sometimes all you need to do to update the look of your home and add luxury is replacing old light fixtures with new ones. Also, consider adding tap-style lights under kitchen cabinetry. When placed in the space between cabinets and countertops, the subtle light will add an elegant ambiance after dark. The best part is that tap-style lights are usually less than $5 per light. Built-ins. One way to add luxury to your home is to make it look and feel organized and clean. Built-in storage systems, desks, bookshelves, and even trash centers optimize your space. Outdoor lighting. Drape your backyard or terrace in twinkle lights or outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights will add a chic ambiance to your yard. Also, outside candles can add to the atmosphere of your backyard.